Can You Support Responsible Consumption by Purchasing BOKA Products?

BOKA pacifiers and pacifier holders are made of locally grown maple wood provided by FSC-accredited suppliers known as trustworthy forest managers. By supporting selective tree cutting, we make sure that forests are regenerated in a healthy way without compromising economic development. Every effort is made to avoid using toxic agents that would be environmentally harmful. BOKA pacifier holders are made of equitable organic cotton and labels are printed using vegetable-based ink. Arboreka also supports the local economy. Our pacifiers are manufactured and sold by local businesses throughout Quebec.

Contact with Saliva, the Wood will he Wet and Uncomfortable for the Baby's Skin?

No, even the wood breathes much better than plastic. Arboréka has also received testimonies from clients whose children had pimples around the mouth in response to plastic pacifiers and who ceased to be using a pacifier BOKA. In addition, the wood surface of the pacifier is waterproofed and protected by a natural layer allergen, preventing the pacifier become wet.

Why Does Arboreka Sell two Pacifiers per Box?

For your convenience! You and your baby will love our pacifier so much that you will never want to lose it! However, as you know, life happens! Since baby will probably lose a pacifier somewhere, you will like having an extra one at home!

Are there a Risk that the Products Boka Cause Splinters?

No. The wooden support maple pacifiers and pacifier clips-BOKA was chosen because it produces no splint in addition to receiving a hard fuel (feel), nontoxic and antibacterial. To maintain the exceptional softness of the wooden stand, simply sand it slightly.

Do BOKA Pacifiers Promote Good Dental Development?

Yes, the orthodontic nipple allows the baby’s tongue to position the right way. It also protects the gums and the teeth by reducing the pressure that is generated by the baby’s suction.

How do We Maintain Pacifiers BOKA?

Sterilize the pacifier five minutes in boiling water. Subsequently, a simple brushing of the pacifier with warm water and mild soap is fine. To maintain the exceptional softness of the wooden stand, simply sand it slightly.

For safety and hygiene purposes, Health Canada recommends replacing BOKA pacifiers after two months of use.

Is it Normal to Find a Bit of Water in the Nipple After Cleaning?

Yes, the air circulation system sometimes lets water in the pacifier while it is being cleaned. Simply squeeze the nipple and the water will come out.

Where Can I Purchase Arboreka Products?

You can order your products online using the Arboreka website. Arboreka products can also be found in the Canadian stores. Clic here to find us!

What Kind of Warranty do You Offer?

According to Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act, the Arboreka manufacturer’s warranty applies to any product purchased through its website or at one of its official shops.

For health and hygiene purposes, Health Canada recommends to replace pacifiers as soon as they are showing signs of wear. Arboreka complies with this recommendation by offering a 60 day warranty against manufacturing defects on pacifiers and pacifier holders. This warranty covers wood defects or any other fault caused by normal use. This warranty does not cover the normal wear of the fabric or any regrets the purchaser may have after purchasing BOKA pacifiers or pacifier holders. This warranty is non-transferable and can only be used by the original buyer.

In case of defect, please consult our exchange and refund policy in order to learn about the terms and conditions. In order to ship a product back to the manufacturer, please contact us to make arrangements for a return or an exchange.

Is it Possible to Return the Product if I’m not Satisfied?

Consumer satisfaction is Arboreka’s priority. Our goal is to deliver a quality product that is in perfect working order. However, if you are not perfectly satisfied and wish to return our product, you can do so within seven days of the purchase date. Please consult our exchange and return policy for more details.

Are Online Orders Safe?

Absolutely! Arboreka has entrusted its secure payment to PayPal. Your bank information will be safely protected through the use of PayPal’s secure form. The payment terms are as easy as they are safe! Using PayPal, Internet users can pay by using their Master Card, Visa, or American Express credit card, or by using electronic money from their PayPal account. Your order will only be processed once the payment is accepted.