Arboreka… Wood Products Encouraging Responsible Consumption!

Arboreka came from a very simple idea: that everyone can make a difference in protecting the environment by developing habits that encourage responsible consumption.

Finding the Answer Through Nature and Responsible Consumption

How would it be possible to support a sustainable economy that would respect our health and our environment? Could we possibly make good use of our environment in order to protect it for future generations? Could we get rid of toxic agents in our environment? Arboreka firmly believes that we can and have made this our mission!

In 2015, BOKA was born. Arboreka created this new brand to promote its first set of baby products. Wood pacifiers, not plastic, are an interesting alternative for parents. Made of maple wood – a natural, renewable, antibacterial resource – BOKA pacifiers and pacifier holders are environmentally friendly. They also promote good health for babies. Pacifiers are made with two different types of nipples, silicone and latex. The silicone nipples are hypoallergenic. The latex nipples, in addition to being 100% natural, have no ecological imprint. This allows parents to choose what is best for their baby!

Responsible consumption is one of Arboreka’s priorities. Therefore, every effort is made to avoid using toxic agents that would be environmentally harmful. By supporting selective tree cutting, we make sure that forests are regenerated in a healthy way without compromising economic development.

An Enterprise From Quebec

Arboreka is proud to be located in Quebec and to work with other local businesses in the making of its products. The wood that we use comes from the Appalachian region of Quebec, and our pacifiers are made and assembled right here in the Eastern Townships.

Arboreka products can be ordered online. They can also be found in specialty stores that promote natural products and distribute baby gear. Our plan is to increase our points of sale while broadening our product range. Boutiques and distributors are invited to share Arboreka’s remarkable success by offering our products!

Buying from Arboreka means contributing to a better world through responsible consumption while placing our children’s well-being at the heart of our concerns!