Your satisfaction is Arboreka’s priority! We are committed to delivering a quality product that is in perfect condition.

In accordance with our manufacturer’s warranty policy, in case of a defect that is not due to normal wear or to the misuse of the product, Arboreka will replace it under its warranty policy.

Nature of the Warranty

According to Quebec’s Consumer Protection Act, the Arboreka manufacturer’s warranty applies to any product purchased through its website or at one of its official shops.

For health and hygiene purposes, Health Canada recommends to replace pacifiers as soon as they are showing signs of wear. Arboreka complies with this recommendation by offering a 60 day warranty against manufacturing defects on pacifiers and pacifier holders. This warranty covers wood defects or any other fault caused by normal use. This warranty does not cover the normal wear of the fabric or any regrets the purchaser may have after purchasing BOKA pacifiers or pacifier holders. This warranty is non-transferable and can only be used by the original buyer.

In case of defect, please consult our exchange and refund policy in order to learn about the terms and conditions. In order to ship a product back to the manufacturer, please contact us to make arrangements for a return or an exchange.

Wear and Tear of the Wood

In case of wear and tear of the wood, please refer to our maintenance policy before returning your product. Considering the nature of our products, normal care has to be ensured in order for the warranty to apply.

If you have any additional question about the warranty, please contact us by using the form provided for that purpose.